Pharsalus 48 BC by Si Sheppard

Pharsalus 48 BC: Caesar and Pompey Clash of the Titans by means of Si Sheppard (Campaign #174)
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Overview: Increasing rigidity between Julius Caesar and Pompeius Magnus (Pompey the Great) after the demise of Marcus Licinius Crassus quickly degenerated into army struggle. With his hand significantly reinforced by means of his election as Dictator by means of the Senate in Rome, Caesar knew that energy would handiest be a fact as soon as he had militarily defeated Pompey. By August 49BC, Caesar had successfully destroyed Pompey’s armies in Spain, however, by the point he had crossed the Adriatic pursuing him eastward, his forces had been closely outnumbered. Even with the reinforcements introduced by means of Mark Antony, his try to overwhelm Pompey by means of laying siege to Dyrrachium was once unsuccessful and he in the end needed to withdrew into Thessaly, with Pompey in pursuit.
The degree was once set for the overall conflict of the 2 titans of the Roman global and the percentages had been closely in Pompey’s favour, with 45,000 males towards Caesar’s 22,000. However, the veteran legions unswerving to Caesar had been the most productive within the Roman military and the problem he confronted obviously stimulated Caesar’s tactical genius for fight. Guessing that Pompey would try to crush his proper wing along with his cavalry, he hid elite cohorts of legionnaries in the back of his personal closely outnumbered horsemen with orders to combat at shut quarters like pikemen. Caesar’s predictions had been proper and, a ways from overwhelming his uncovered proper flank, Pompey’s left flank was once routed, permitting Caesar to envelop and scatter the remainder of his military.
Simon Sheppard expertly charts the occasions main as much as the Pharsalus marketing campaign, the process the fight itself and the seismic implications of this decisive conflict between the 2 biggest generals in their age.
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