Photigy: How To Photograph Cosmetic With A DIY Cone And Two Speedlites

Photigy – How to Photograph Cosmetic with a DIY Cone and Two Speedlites
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In this article you’ll know how to use DIY cone for shooting highly reflective surfaces. You can create similar cone by yourself or buy the floor lamp in IKEA. It’s easy to use cone in many different scenarios, not only for shooting cosmetic stuff.

Every product photographer should deliver clear result for viewers. Using appropriate techniques will help you not only deliver outstanding pictures, but do it with ease. And that’s how you can achieve your goal.

The idea behind this shot is pretty simple. I got some nice cosmetic stuff in interesting packaging. It’s rounded and has kinda 2 layers structure. First layer is plastic sphere where actually creme is located. And 2nd layer is clear plexiglass.