Physics for Scientists and Engineers: A Strategic Approach with…

Physics for Scientists and Engineers: A Strategic Approach with Modern Physics (2d Edition)
Publisher: Addison Wesley
Date: 2007-10-14
ISBN-10: 0805327363
ISBN-13: 9780805327366
Language: English
Pages: 1464
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KEY MESSAGE: As essentially the most broadly followed new physics textual content in additional than 50 years, Knight’s Physics for Scientists and Engineers used to be revealed to well-liked vital acclaim from professors and scholars. In this eagerly awaited 2nd version, Knight builds at the research-proven tutorial tactics he offered, in addition to nationwide knowledge of scholar efficiency, to take scholar finding out even additional. Knight’s extraordinary perception into scholar finding out difficulties, and his impeccably skillful crafting of textual content and figures at each and every degree – from macro to micro – to deal with those difficulties, leads to a uniquely efficient and obtainable ebook, main scholars to a deeper and better-connected working out of the ideas and extra talented problem-solving talents. Building on an NSF-sponsored tutorial study program and enter from tens of 1000’s of scholar customers, the second one version refines and extends the pedagogical inventions that years of use has now proven to be efficient. Unprecedented research of nationwide scholar metadata has allowed each and every difficulty to be systematically enhanced for tutorial effectives, and to verify difficulty units of ultimate subject protection, stability of qualitative and quantitative issues, and vary of problem and length.

Newton’s Laws: Concepts of Motion • Kinematics in One Dimension • Vectors and Coordinate Systems • Kinematics in Two Dimensions • Force and Motion • Dynamics I: Motion Along a Line • Dynamics II: Interacting Objects • Dynamics III: Motion in a Plane Conservation Laws:  Impulse and Momentum • Energy • Work Applications of Newtonian Mechanics: Rotation of a Rigid Body • Newton’s Theory of Gravity • Oscillations • Fluids and Elasticity Thermodynamics: A Macroscopic Description of Matter • Work, Heat, and the First Law of Thermodynamics • The Micro/Macro Connection • Heat Engines and Refrigerators Waves and Optics: Traveling Waves • Superposition • Wave Optics • Ray Optics • Optical Instruments •  Modern Optics and Matter Waves Electricity and Magnetism: Electric Charges and Forces •  The Electric Field • Gauss’s Law • The Electric Potential • Potential and Field • Current and Conductivity • Fundamentals of Circuits • The Magnetic Field • Electromagnetic Induction • Electromagnetic Fields and Waves • AC Circuits  Relativity and Quantum Physics: Relativity • The End of Classical Physics • Quantization • Wave Functions and Probabilities • One-Dimensional Quantum Mechanics • Atomic Physics • Nuclear Physics

MARKET: For all readers concerned about main scholars to a deeper and better-connected working out of the ideas and extra talented problem-solving talents.

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