Plant Resistance To Herbivores And Pathogens: Ecology, …

Plant Resistance To Herbivores And Pathogens: Ecology, Evolution, And Genetics

Far from being passive elements in the landscape, plants have developed many sophisticated chemical and mechanical means of deterring organisms that seek to prey on them. This volume draws together research from ecology, evolution, agronomy, and plant pathology to produce an ecological genetics perspective on plant resistance in both natural and agricultural systems. By emphasizing the ecological and evolutionary basis of resistance, the book makes an important contribution to the study of how phytophages and plants coevolve. Plant Resistance to Herbivores and Pathogens not only reviews the literature pertaining to plant resistance from a number of traditionally separate fields but also examines significant questions that will drive future research. Among the topics explored are selection for resistance in plants and for virulence in phytophages methods for studying natural variation in plant resistance the factors that maintain intraspecific variation in resistance and the ecological consequences of within-population genetic variation for herbivorous insects and fungal pathogens.