Playing Cupid: Cat Goes Back to College, Book 1 By Paris Rivera [Audiobook]

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On her way to her college reunion, Cat Scott, 34, spills wine on her skirt when she bumps into Tracy, 20, a current university student. Tracy offers a change of clothing – a black mini-skirt – and the two women soon encounter Ximena, a sullen but intensely beautiful Argentinian student with whom Tracy is deeply in love. Tracy confides that Ximena has a ‘thing’ for older women. So Tracy and Cat hatch a plot to lure Ximena into physical intimacy with Cat and, eventually, with Tracy.
Can Cat, a beautiful and busty married woman, seduce the moody Ximena? Will Ximena fall for Tracy? And will Cat herself find fulfillment – even ecstasy – in the daring and intimate kisses of these two gorgeous students?
A deeply arousing and intriguing three-way lesbian seduction, this book is a must-listen for fans of lesbian erotica and contains probably the hottest lesbian threesome shower scene you will ever hear. You have been warned!

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