PLC & AC Drive with Automatic & Manual Industrial Control

PLC & AC Drive with Automatic & Manual Industrial Control
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Duration: 19.5 hours | Genre: eLearning Video | Language: English
this course will take newbies to a higher level to deal with complex PLC projects, Motor Drives ( VFD ) & Manual Control.

What you’ll learn

Learn everything about Basic Electrical Components ex: Relays,Contactors, etc
Study Different Cases for Power Flow and Power Conversion
Have a great idea on different kinds of Motors and Generators
Control any parameter for Induction Motors with Variable Speed Drive (VSD)
Design simple and complex Manually Controlled Circuits using EKTS software
Learn everything about PLCs internally and externally
Be familiar with different PLC languages ex: LADDER, FBD and STL using Step7 software
Be able to deal with Hardware Configurations and Wiring Diagrams
Be able to write codes for simple and complex Automation Systems
Be able to deal with any Industrial Automation System


No prior experience is needed
Be ready to try the applications illustrated by yourself to achieve the maximum benefit from this course


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– Looking to enhance your career in Industrial Automation track ?

>> If your answer is a big YES, then you’re definitely in the right place.

-> Actually this is the course that I wish I had at the beginning of my career. This course is the first step for anyone who wish to be #1 in this field.

Why this course is Powerful and Unique ?

this course is the first one on udemy platform and on most of educational platforms which collect all of these huge and practical information about Manual and Automatic Control.

Since your legs (or your mouse by the way) lead you to this course, so you might have heard these fascinating names:

1 ) PLC in Automation Control >> learning different languages for programming your PLC like LADDER, FBD and STL. Also how to deal with SIEMENS devices like Simatic S7 1200 and S7 300 and an overview on their wiring process. And working on illustrative programs like LogixPro, Simatic Manafer Step7and YASKAWA for ac drives.

2) Basics of Electricity >> a great explanation for Power Factor and how to handle its variation, ATS (Automatic Transfer Switches) and how to include it in your circuits, solving problems in 3 phase system using Phase Sequence devices.

3) Industrial Machines >> dealing with different kinds of machines like Induction Motors, Synchronous Machines, DC Motors and how to measure their speed with Encoders and Tachometers.

4) Sensors >> how to deal with different sensors Digital and Analog and to write equations in your code to get the physical values in the outside environment from your sensors.

4) Manual Control >> learn to design different kinds of controlling circuits related to the field using EKTS software.

5) Motor Drives >> A drive is the electronic device that harnesses and controls the electrical energy sent to the motor. The drive feeds electricity into the motor in varying amounts and at varying frequencies, thereby indirectly controlling the motor’s speed and torque.

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Who this course is for:

Electrical Engineering Students
Newbies to PLC Programming
Newbies to Manual Controlling Circuits
Anyone who wants to be familiar with Industrial Automation and Control