Plotto Instruction Book by William Wallace Cook

Plotto Instruction Book by William Wallace Cook
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 135KB
Overview: This Plotto Instruction Booklet has been out of print since 1934, which is a shame, since it’s difficult to figure out how to use Plotto without it!
Originally used by William Wallace Cook as the textbook for a course in using Plotto, it goes through both the mechanics and the philosophy of creating plots with Plotto.

The Plotto Instruction Booklet in its original form is almost impossible to find, and in fact I owned a copy of Plotto for years before even realized that it existed. I was fortunate enough to track down a copy only 60 miles away and borrow it long enough to copy it.

Plotto is the opposite of a random plot generator: using it will not write a story for you, or even structure one. It offers suggestions that you are expect to-required to-customize to fit the needs of your story. Plotto is a structured way of stimulating your imagination into creating the situations and conflicts you need, whether for a short story, a screenplay, or a novel.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Educational Writing

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