Product Description:

This study is a comprehensive review of the Act and an early appraisal of its likely effects. It is the second report by the author on Obamacare, the first being a critique of bills still being debated by Congress in August 2009. Most of the bill's provisions, except its tax increases, do not go into effect until 2014. So what follows is like a visit from the ghost of Christmas Future, shadows of what will be, but do not have to be, if we will change it. Obamacare instead could be repealed and replaced with far superior reforms...which in fact are the author's recommendations.

A summary of principal findings follows this introduction. Part 1 reviews the provisions of Obamacare and how they expand government's authority over health care providers and consumers. Part 2 explains how Obamacare will lead to higher health insurance premiums and health care costs. Part 3 explains the comprehensive system of government health care rationing created by Obamacare, including how the Act eviscerates incentives for investment and innovation in health care.