Pope and the Destiny of the Stuarts by Pat Rogers

Pope and the Destiny of the Stuarts: History, Politics, and Mythology in the Age of Queen Anne by Pat Rogers
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Overview: This radical new look at the literary and political climate of England during the reign of Queen Anne examines the work of the greatest poet of the age, Alexander Pope. Pope and the Destiny of the Stuarts provides the fullest contextual account to date of Windsor-Forest (1713), widely seen as a key text in the evolution of early eighteenth-century poetry. It examines the poem’s topical and political aspects and offers a reconfiguration of Pope’s early career, demonstrating that this was a pivotal period, marking a critical watershed in both his personal and literary development. The book gives a complete account of Pope’s life and work in his early twenties, and supplies a new political interpretation, including a careful analysis of possible Jacobite colorings.
Genre: Non-Fiction > History

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