Postharvest Biology And Technology Of Horticultural Crops: …

Postharvest Biology And Technology Of Horticultural Crops: Principles And Practices For Quality Maintenance

The ultimate goal of crop production is to provide quality produce to consumers at reasonable rates. Most fresh produce is highly perishable, and postharvest losses are significant under the present methods of management in many countries. However, significant achievements have been made during the last few years to curtail postharvest losses in fresh produce and to ensure food security and safety as well. These include advancements in breeding horticultural crops for quality improvement postharvest physiology postharvest pathology and entomology postharvest management of fruits, vegetables, and flowers nondestructive technologies to assess produce quality minimal processing of fruits and vegetables as well as innovations in packaging and storage technology of fresh produce. This new book, Postharvest Biology and Technology of Horticultural Crops: Principles and Practices for Quality Maintenance, describes the above-mentioned advancements in postharvest quality improvement of fresh horticultural produce. This book will be a standard reference work for postharvest management for the fresh produce industry. It presents important new advances that will extend the shelf life of fresh produce by retaining its safety and nutritional or sensory quality. The book covers a multitude of topics, particularly advances in: Conventional breeding approaches for fruits and vegetables Storage of fruits and vegetables Postharvest treatment and smart packaging Management of pests and other postharvest diseases Postharvest management of fresh-cut flowers Management of medicinal and aromatic plants during postharvest Biotechnological methods for postharvest management