This has been simplified thanks to Clarinda’s help.

Guidelines for posts in the Audio section :
Valid content

Posts for this forum include but are not limited to the following list.


    [*]Audio books(includes magazine reading and news)

    [*]Audio commentary – Sports, critique etc

    [*]Audio documentaries



    [*]Factual audio discussions

    [*]Panel games







    [*]Medical shows


    [*]Radio rips(excluding music) and audio rips of TV shows.

    [*]Threads, which contain both audio and an ebook should also be posted in the audio section since the ebook is treated as a guidebook for the audio.

N.B. : Disallowed content

    [*]Do not add music threads in this section; however, audio music documentaries may be added here.

    [*]Do not post anything in this section that has a visual component . They belong to either TV Shows/Tutorials section.

Necessary post description!

The following information makes post descriptions complete.

    [*]Book name.

    [*]Author name and year of publishing or link to an info page (There is often more than one book with the same name).

    [*]File type – M4B(IPOD format), MP3 etc.

Additional information!

This is not necessary, but will enhance your posts.

Absence of the subsequent information will often result in poor exposure, bad reactions, lack of responses for your posts and fewer downloads. A good poster supplies information that encourages members to use shared content.

    [*]Publisher name – LibriVox, tape/radio rip, newsgroups, other sources etc. Do not link to other warez forums or your personal blog URL here.


    [*]Bitrate – specify sampling rate and type. Example – 16 kbps mono or 64 kbps stereo. If you used an encoder, you may specify the setting used.

    [*]Book duration.

    [*]Chapterized or single file – Answer when applicable.

    [*]Book genre.

    [*]Book review.

    [*]Any other information, which you think is useful.

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