Poverty Reduction Strategies in Africa

Poverty Reduction Strategies in Africa

English | ISBN: 1138240664 | 2017 | 314 Pages | PDF | 13 MB

A fundamental question about contemporary Africa is why does Africa remain so poor, long after the departure of the European Colonial domination and in the midst of so many natural resources?

Poverty Reduction Strategies in Africa provides new understandings of the persistent issue of poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa and makes recommendations for policy frameworks to help African governments alleviate poverty. Each chapters uses case studies to review the old strategies for resolving the problem of poverty in the continent and make the case for new initiatives to address poverty. The contributors focus on practical and day-to-day issues as the best approach to formulate and implement poverty reduction strategies in contemporary Africa.

This book is invaluable reading for students and scholars of African politics and development.

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