Power Generation Handbook : Selection, Applications, Operation,…

Power Generation Handbook : Selection, Applications, Operation, Maintenance
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional
Date: 2002-08-28
ISBN-10: 0071396047
ISBN-13: 9780071396042
Language: English
Pages: 560
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We’ve all lived through long hot summers with power shortages, brownouts, and blackouts. But at last, all the what-to-do and how-to-do it information you’ll need to handle a full range of operation and maintenance tasks at your fingertips. Written by a power industry expert, Power Generation Handbook: Selection, Applications, Operation, Maintenance helps you to gain a thorough understanding of all components, calculations, and subsystems of the various types of gas turbines, steam power plants, co-generation, and combined cycle plants. Divided into five sections, Power Generation Handbook: Selection, Applications, Operation, Maintenance provides a thorough understanding of co-generation and combined cycle plants. Each of the components such as compressors, gas and steam turbines, heat recovery steam generators, condensers, lubricating systems, transformers, and generators are covered in detail. The selection considerations, operation, maintenance and economics of co-generation plants and combined cycles as well as emission limits, monitoring and governing systems will also be covered thoroughly.
This all-in-one resource gives you step-by-step guidance on how to maximize the efficiency, reliability and longevity of your power generation plant.
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