Principles Of Continuum Mechanics: A Basic Course …

Principles Of Continuum Mechanics: A Basic Course For Physicists

This book addresses the basic concepts of continuum mechanics, that is, the classical field theory of deformable bodies. The theory is systematically developed, from the kinematics to the balance equations, the material theory, and the entropy principles. In turn, the linear-elastic solids, the ideal liquid and the Newtonian liquid are presented in detail as concrete applications. The book concludes by covering the theory of small motions in a medium with a finite prestress. In general, the emphasis is on presenting the content in a clear and straightforward way that requires only an elementary grasp of calculus, linear algebra, and Newtonian mechanics. The book is intended for students of physics, mechanics, engineering and the geosciences, as well as applied mathematics, with a year or more of college calculus behind them.

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