Pro SharePoint Disaster Recovery.. by Stephen Cummins

Pro SharePoint Disaster Recovery & High Availability (2nd Ed) by Stephen Cummins
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Overview: Few IT professionals take the time to learn what needs to be known to do disaster recovery well. Most labor under the pretense that good administration equals close to five-nines uptime. Most technical people do not see the value of planning for disasters until the unexpected has already happened, and the effects of a disaster involving a SharePoint farm-which today houses business information, line-of-business applications, sensitive information, extranets, and other highly important assets-can be staggering.

Pro SharePoint Disaster Recovery and High Availability, Second Edition will take you through a step-by-step process to show how to build an awareness and reaction plan for the inevitable. With a focus on real-world experiences and war stories, author Stephen Cummins weaves an expert tale of woe response and offers you:

Ways to see the warning signs of disaster, and ways to avoid it
Ways to respond to a disaster while it is happening
Perhaps most importantly, how to develop a plan to deal with disaster when it inevitably does happen.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Tech & Devices > Business Computer Recovery

What you’ll learn with Pro SharePoint Disaster Recovery and High Availability, Second Edition:

How to build resilience and high availability into your systems to make them less likely to fail
How to use technologies like log shipping, clustering and mirroring to replicate data
How to use redundancy of web front-ends, service applications and other parts of your SharePoint farm to prevent failure
How companies that realize the cost of disasters create processes to prevent them by tracking and responding to “near-misses”
How to implement the right monitoring tools to ensure you are alerted to impending problems as soon as possible
How to diagnose and repair broken systems, and develop processes to ensure you have backups and a place to restore them to if all else fails.

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