Probiotic Bacteria: Fundamentals, Therapy, and Technological Aspects

Probiotic Bacteria: Fundamentals, Therapy, and Technological Aspects
Publisher: Pan Stanford Publishing
Date: 2014-04-02
ISBN-10: 9814411620
ISBN-13: 9789814411622
Language: English
Pages: 320
Added: 2014-04-17 01:20:22

Complied by an expert editorial team with noteworthy and remarkable experience, this book covers technological aspects related to probiotics, not only in terms of delivery modes but also in terms of protection technologies. It includes discussions of their therapeutic and physiologic implications and benefits, and provides a contemporary update and a holistic review of the topic. It focuses on the technological aspects of probiotic products, brings together the information needed for their successful development, and examines the international picture regarding regulatory issues.
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