Productivity SuperHero by Dan Luca

Productivity SuperHero: Become the Most Organised and Disciplined Person You Know in 30 Days or Less by Dan Luca
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Overview: Is It Really Possible To Have It All? Let Me Show You How.

I hear very often this extremely dangerous and toxic belief: “You can’t have it all”
At which point my mind makes the switch that I trained myself to believe and live everyday: “Of course you can’t have it all if you keep doing things as you’ve always have done them!”
I see everyday people that cry out-loud that they want to change, but actually they want everything else to change but themselves.

It seems rather obvious that if you change nothing, nothing changes.
So this book is the antidote to an average result and life.
This book is the staircase anyone can climb when they’ve decided they want to escape their prison of mediocrity.
It’s also the book that will push you through the glass ceiling that is keeping you inside your comfort zone.

After working with several thousands of clients, I am now able to clearly identify the patterns that ignite SuperHero Productivity in people, as well as those that block any chance of great results in the least amount of time.
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