Professional Services Marketing: How The Best Firms …

Professional Services Marketing: How The Best Firms Build Premier Brands, Thriving Lead Generation Engines, And Cultures Of Business Development Success

A proven, experiencetested, researchbased approach to marketing for professional services firms Professional Services Marketing is a fieldtested and researchbased approach to marketing and client development for professional services firms. Based on insight from firms that succeed and the science of how clients buy, its the perfect book for consultants, attorneys, accountants, engineers, and other professional service providers. The book covers five key areas that are critical for firms that want to grow their revenues and themselvescreating a marketing and growth strategy establishing a brand and reputation implementing a marketing communications program lead generation strategies and developing business by winning new clients. It includes case studies that illustrate major points and quotes and stories from wellrespected professionals in the industry. Mike Schultz (Framingham, MA) is CoPresident of Wellesley Hills Group, where he works as a consultant and expert in professional services marketing. John E. Doerr (Framingham, MA) is CoPresident of Wellesley Hills Groups and has spent 30 years in professional services.