Promoted: The Proven Career Acceleration Formula To …

Promoted: The Proven Career Acceleration Formula To Reach The Top Without Working Harder Or Playing Office Politics

PROMOTED: The Proven Career Acceleration Formula To Reach The Top Without Working Harder Or Playing Office Politics Would you like to make $10,000 more next year? How about $20,000 $30,000? Do you want to be mentored by VP’s, CEO’s and former CEO’s? Do you want to have hiring managers and top recruiters fighting over you? Can you afford 10 minutes a day to get promoted in 12 months? Do you want these results without having to be a sleazy networker or play office politics? Have you ever wondered why, despite doing what you consider to be the right things in your career, youre not achieving the results you know you deserve? In his highly-anticipated book, PROMOTED: The Proven Career Acceleration Formula To Reach The Top Without Working Harder Or Playing Office Politics, youll learn Bozis unconventional strategy to get you the career results you have always desired. His unique Career Acceleration Formula is the only strategy out there today thats helped unemployed graduates get their dream job and helped grizzled corporate veterans reignite their career. Advancing your career is SIMPLE if you have a proven strategy, a formula you can use over and over again. Inside PROMOTED, Bozi shares the exact, step-by-step strategy that he used to achieve his amazing results, and that he teaches to top executives around the globe. As your trusted mentor, Bozi spotlights what youve been doing wrong, and hell shatter some of your most cherished beliefs about your career. Then get ready for the magic. Along your career acceleration journey, youll learn: Why entering the 10% club and leaving the 90% crowd behind is the only way to be immune from changing market conditions. How a conventional approach will get conventional results, but an unconventional strategy will yield unconventional results. The traits companies are looking for in their top employees. The 6-step strategy to promotion, a system thats helped thousands of students obtain the career success theyve always desired (using the Career Acceleration Formula, which is Mindset x Value x Leverage). How adapting a Career Fast Track Mindset will give you an unfair advantage over everyone else, increase the value you bring to your organization, and increase your career acceleration leverage. The importance of having an influential person as your mentor. Specific case studies from Bozis students who have implemented his strategies, only to achieve their own meteoric results. PROMOTED is for you if: You are an ambitious professional working for a medium or large-sized organization and you are failing to progress in your career at the pace you want. You want to advance your career and are tired of being left behind. You are tired of having your career stall, of seeing others in your organization pass you by You want to rapidly advance your career, kick-start your success, and are willing to put in a little bit of work to make it happen. You are ready and willing to take action and implement what you learn. By following traditional career advice, you’re missing out on 70% of available jobs out there, and competing with 90% of job candidates for the left over 30% of the jobs. Make the decision to take action right now, change your situation, not procrastinate anymore about your career, hoping that youll finally land that promotion youve been working towards for years. Instead you can identify your perfect job role, and take massive action obtain it within 6-12 months. PROMOTED will help get you there. Bozis career acceleration formula is used by thousands of achievers from 20+ countries, working for companies like Google, Cisco, JP Morgan & Ford.