PsychoHealthology Summit 2018

PsychoHealthology Summit 2018

Autoimmunity: THE MIND factor
Discover how to effectively utilize the mind-body connection to help you heal from autoimmunity!

I have studied natural medicine and the human mind for 20 years. I have my own autoimmune story, which contributed to me wanting to take control of my health. Now I help others do the same! [more]What I Offer
PsychoHealthology Program

A personalized 8-week mind-transforming program designed especially for people with autoimmune disorders
Personalized NutriHealthology Protocol

A personalized autoimmune protocol focusing on detoxification, dietary adjustments, gut health and resetting the immune system
Transformational Healthology Retreats

Transformational retreats in beautiful locations, for people with autoimmunity who want take their healing to another level
Individual Mind Transformation Sessions

For those who want to work through mind-related issues (e.g. fears, phobias, anxiety, trauma, self-esteem, self-worth, etc.)
Individual Nutritional Consultations

For people with autoimmunity who want to optimise their diet for healing but may not wish to do the NutriHealthology Program
15-minute No-obligation Consultation

If you are feeling a bit stuck and having difficulties deciding on the right approach for you, arrange a free 15-minute consultation!
Online Events

Find out from 30+ experts how to develop a nurturing mindset, resolve emotional trauma, and deal with stress, anxiety and chronic pain to aid your healing from autoimmunity!

60+ experts share how to identify and deal with your autoimmune triggers, and how to repair your organs and rebalance your immune system in order to thrive!

Enjoy 40 sessions that show you how to utilize the mind-body connection to speed up your autoimmune recovery! (new information)[email protected]+.part01.rar[email protected]+.part02.rar[email protected]+.part03.rar[email protected]+.part04.rar[email protected]+.part05.rar[email protected]+.part06.rar[email protected]+.part07.rar[email protected]+.part08.rar[email protected]+.part09.rar[email protected]+.part10.rar

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