Psychology of Self-Concept (Psychology of Emotions, Motivations…

Psychology of Self-Concept (Psychology of Emotions, Motivations and Actions; Perspectives on Cognitive Psychology)
Publisher: Nova Science Publishers, Inc.
Date: 2012-06-30
ISBN-10: 1619429209
ISBN-13: 9781619429208
Language: English
Pages: 173
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The study of self-concept has a long tradition in psychological research focusing on at least seven issues: (1) definitional aspects of dimensions and specific components of self-views; (2) neuropsychological aspects as well as structural aspects of self-concept; (3) measurement aspects of self-concept; (4) a nomological network of self-concept; (5) underlying mechanisms of the relationship between self-concept and psychological and health outcomes; (6) developmental aspects of self-concept; and (7) cross-cultural differences in self-concept. The chapters in this book cover and deal with one or other of these issues. The majority of these chapters present both theoretical background and empirical innovative studies. This book sheds new light and provides new empirical evidences on the universality of the role of self-knowledge in psychological adjustment. Show more Show less c7ab7ecc9fb51b1801be3e6f9073c241  Size: (10.70 MB)   

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