Psychology: Perspectives and Connections, 2nd Edition

Psychology: Perspectives and Connections, 2nd Edition
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Date: 2011-10-11
ISBN-10: 0078035201
ISBN-13: 9780078035203
Language: English
Pages: 800
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In psychology, not everything is black and white. Psychology: Perspectives & Connections 2e dares students to challenge their own assumptions, explore research and to not believe everything they think. The over-riding goal of Psychology: Perspectives & Connections 2e is to align what excites us as researchers and perpetual students of psychology with today’s introductory psychology student. Feist and Rosenberg’s aim is to help students understand that psychology, and much of the world around them, is more fascinating-and likely more intricate and interdependent– than they think. It’s not just black and white. And, with Connect Psychology and its adaptive learning system, students can better understand what they know and master what they don’t know. Connect with science. Connect with students. Connect with Feist and Rosenberg’s Psychology 2e. Show more Show less d5e6a4fe83083e169f4ceaa83f771dda

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