Publishing For Maximum Profit: A Step By …

Publishing For Maximum Profit: A Step By Step Guide To Making Big Money With Your Book And Other How To Material

Inside Secrets to Triple Your Income in the Next 18 monthsFred Gleeck is the consummate information marketer. He has sold well over to $10 million dollars worth of books, audios and videos for himself and his clients. He has been speaking, writing and consulting since 1984. Fred has a master’s degree in International Business and is the author of 6 books with four more scheduled to be released for each of the next 4 years. The next two books are entitled: Speaking for Millions (The Inside Story on How to Make REALLY Big Money as a Professional Speaker) and Consulting Secrets to Triple Your Income (How to Start and Build a Turbo-Charged Consulting Business in Your Own Field). Fred moves back and forth between an apartment in New York City and the Las Vegas area based on the seasons. He is also the proud “father” of two Chocolate Labs, Coco and Henry.