Qigong For Health And Martial Arts: Exercises …

Qigong For Health And Martial Arts: Exercises And Meditation

Qigong – the cultivation of your body’s internal energy . Renown Qigong and martial arts master Dr. Yang , Jwing-Ming explains how and why Qigong can improve your martial training, and presents ten complete sets of proven Qigong exercises for martial artists and health seekers . You’ll gain muscular strength and vitality, increase your fighting power, and learn meditation training for improved concentration and longevity . This book also includes healing Qigong exercises and soothing massage techniques to help you recover more quickly from injury . In addition , Dr . Yang discusses Qigong and health, and charts the major cavities used in the martial arts . – Develop explosive martial power. – Recover quickly from injury . – Choose from ten Qigong training sets . – Easily integrated with any martial style . – Over 200 photographs and illustrations

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