Qrp Classics

Qrp Classics

When radio amateurs first began using tube transmitters, the race to work the most miles per watt was on. In the 50s, transistors added a new dimension to QRP (low power) operating. And with today’s ICs, it’s possible to put together a complete station that fits into the corner of a knapsack backpack into the wilderness, and enjoy worldwide communication! QRP operating is fun. The equipment is generally simple and easy to build, but often performs like more sophisticated commercial equipment. Imagine the sense of accomplishment you’ll get from operating equipment you built yourself. Some QRP Field Day stations operate a full 27 hours on a car battery – it’s the perfect equipment for emergency communication when the power fails. This book is a collection of projects published in American Radio Relay League publications over the past 15 years. Find out how to build receivers, transmitters, transceivers and accessories. There’s a chapter on portable antennas.

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