Radical Gospel of the Kingdom by Orlando Mostert

Radical Gospel of the Kingdom: A Vision of Victory for the Church of the 21st Century by Orlando Mostert
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Overview: This book is written for evangelical Christians who are looking for an alternate view of prophecy. The writer differs from other popular prophecy books that claim the world is about to end and the Antichrist is going to take over the world. He gives compelling evidence of a world wide revival of hundreds of millions all over the world coming to salvation in the last 30 years with evangelical charismatic Christians now approaching 10% of the world population and growing each year by leaps and bounds. He brings evidence that it is the present world system that is facing its "end times" but that the Kingdom of God will grow to fill the earth as all the prophets of the Bible prophecied will happen.
The author answers many of the current issues in Bible prophecy in a new and exciting way proving the historical fulfillment of Biblical prophecy:
Ezekiel’s prophecy of the return of Israel was fulfilled in 103 BC and not 1948 AD. There will be no Russian invasion of Israel, the invasion of Gog and Magog already happened in 37 BC.
There will be no battle of Armageddon in the future, it already happened in 70 AD.
There will be no Antichrist world ruler coming out of either the EU or Islam as the prophesied Antichrist already appeared and ruled for 1260 years just as Revelation said he would.
There is no 7 year Great Tribulation ahead as the 70 Weeks prophecy of Daniel was finished in 33 AD with the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
There is no future 1000 year Millennial rule of Christ as the Kingdom of God was established with the resurrection of Jesus in 33 AD and Jesus is now Lord in heaven and on earth.
Other topics include the prophetic significance of 9/11; the return of the Nephilim and the UFO deception; the fall of the New World Order; the coming fall of Israel and Christian Zionism and other prophetic topics explained. The book explains why the Church is God’s instrument for establishing His Kingdom (and not the Jews) and why the greatest revivals still lay ahead as nations will be discipled into the Kingdom of God.
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