Ray Tracing Gems by Eric Haines, Tomas Akenine-Moller

Ray Tracing Gems: High-Quality and Real-Time Rendering with DXR and Other APIs by Eric Haines, Tomas Akenine-Moller
Requirements: .PDF reader, 34,4 MB
Overview: This book is a must-have for anyone serious about rendering in real time. With the announcement of new ray tracing APIs and hardware to support them, developers can easily create real-time applications with ray tracing as a core component. As ray tracing on the GPU becomes faster, it will play a more central role in real-time rendering. Ray Tracing Gems provides key building blocks for developers of games, architectural applications, visualizations, and more. Experts in rendering share their knowledge by explaining everything from nitty-gritty techniques that will improve any ray tracer to mastery of the new capabilities of current and future hardware.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Tech & Devices

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