Real Money Answers For Every Woman: How …

Real Money Answers For Every Woman: How To Win The Money Game With Or Without A Man

Now widely available, the popular, award-winning, self-published guide to help women get out of debt, rebuild their credit, and fulfill their financial dreams. Patrice Washington rationalized her excessive spending. I work hard, I deserve this. I bought it on sale. But at twenty-two, the recent college graduate was $18,000 in debt and sinking fast. It was time to take control. Patrice educated herself about finance, adopted a new attitude toward money, and most importantly, adjusted her spending habits. By twenty-five she was debt freeand used the wisdom she gained to start her own successful real estate and mortgage brokerageand by twenty-nine started her own financial counseling business. Patrices former bad spending habits arent unique, and women find themselves in financial hot water for a host of reasons. Women earn less than men and have to stretch those hard-earned dollars further. They contribute more to caregiving and aging parents, live longer, and manyincluding most African American womenare choosing to stay single. Real Money Answers for Every Woman teaches you how to take responsibility for your financial future, whether youre just starting out or need a fresh start. In a handy Q A format, it offers relatable and easy to understand and implement advice on everything from managing credit cards, home ownership, and student loans to affordable childcare and even negotiating for a higher salary. Following Patrices practical advice, youll learn to form wealthy habits, establish an opportunity fund, stop collecting STUFF that causes debt, and discover the freedom that comes from feeling financially secure.