Red Light Labour by Elya M. Durisin, Emily van der Meulen

Red Light Labour : Sex Work Regulation, Agency, and Resistance by Elya M. Durisin, Emily van der Meulen
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Overview: In 2013, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled in Canada v Bedford that key prostitution laws were unconstitutional. Red Light Labour addresses the new legal regime regulating sex work by analyzing how laws and those who uphold them have constructed, controlled, and criminalized sex workers, their clients, and their workspaces. This groundbreaking collection also offers nuanced interpretations of commercial sexual labour from the perspectives of workers, activists, and researchers. The contributors highlight the struggle for civic and social inclusion by considering sex workers’ advocacy tactics, successes, and challenges. A timely legal, policy, and social analysis of sex work in Canada.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Educational

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