Revenge Of The Trailer Dogs: Life In America’s New Middle Class, Book 2 [audiobook]


Revenge of the Trailer Dogs: Life in America’s New Middle Class: The Trailer Dog Chronicles, Book 2 [Audiobook] by Ellen Garrison
English | May 11, 2018 | ASIN: B07CZP9GDB | [email protected] kbps | 5 hrs 22 mins | 150 MB
Narrator: Lyssa Graham

Book two of the continuing hilarious and often bittersweet real-life saga of Ellen Garrison and her husband as they adjust to life in a 29-foot travel trailer with two spoiled, incorrigible, small dogs.

Self-proclaimed liberals, Ellen and her “old man”, struggle to fit in with their fellow (mostly right-wing) “Trailer Dogs”, as they recover from devastating personal and financial losses. Often profane, often caustic, and frequently satirical, Revenge of the Trailer Dogs takes up where Garrison’s first audiobook left off, at “The Resort”, a trailer park populated by wackos, racists, Evangelicals, hippies, NRA enthusiasts, transsexuals, homosexuals, and lesbians, each with their own views and prejudices.

Unexpected events and new authoritarian management at The Resort leave Ellen and her “old man” pining for friendlier pastures in the Pacific Northwest.