Robert Scheinfeld – Journey To The Infinite


Robert Scheinfeld – Journey To The Infinite

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Do you feel limited and restricted in your life? Are you seeking a way to free yourself and experience radical and permanent transformation? If so, you’re cordially invited to join me on an incredible journey to:

Rediscover The Truth about who you REALLY are, what you’re REALLY doing here, and how things REALLY work while you’re here experiencing “The Human Story”
Rediscover The Truth about what’s REALLY possible for you as you move through the various stages of The Human Story
Rediscover The Truth about what prosperity, abundance, happiness and freedom really are and what lies behind and beyond them
Regain a consistent Experience of The Truth that sets you free

Your newfound Freedom will include permanent transformation of your experience of money, career, emotions, thoughts and mind, relationships, health and wellness. It can also include what’s commonly called Spiritual Awakening (and many other names) – if that interests you.