Robin Hobb – Farseer Series

Robin Hobb – Assassin’s Apprentice

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Fitz starts life as a royal bastard cast onto the streets, with only animals and street children for company – but soon he will hold the power over life and death in his hands as the Assassin’s apprentice.


Robin Hobb – Royal Assassin

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The second book in "The Farseer" trilogy. The Six Duchies are once again being raided and plundered by the Red-Ship Raiders with horrible consequences. Then the old King falls dangerously ill – of poison? Fitz finds himself in a curious alliance with the Fool, Burrich, Molly and Patience.


Robin Hobb – Assassin’s Quest

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Fitz must begin the process of learning the ways of a man again. He must learn to cast off the wild but carefree ways of the wolf and enter the human world once more: a world beset ever more by the relentless Red Ship Raiders who are now left free to plunder any coastal town they please.


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