Rogue messiahs : stories of self-proclaimed saviors

Author(s): Wilson, Colin

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Throughout historical past, Western tradition has been bedeviled via false prophets, charlatans, and self-appointed messianic figures. Their appetites for destruction and depravity have resulted in damaged lives and worse-mass suicide or even mass homicide. Why does this happen over and over?In Rogue Messiahs, Colin Wilson compellingly recounts the tales and outrageous claims, acts, and abuses of 25 self-proclaimed messiahs who’ve arisen within the remaining 300 years. He uncovers the possible components that flip earnest non secular leaders, mystics, or well-intentioned cult leaders into violent, abusive, murderous, and paranoid rogue messiahs.This gallery of non secular fakers comprises many acquainted names and faces: David Koresh, chief of the Branch Davidians Shoko Asahara, founding father of the Aum Supreme Truth cult Rev. Jim Jones founding father of the notorious Jonestown Jeffrey Don Lundgren, Mormon con guy and assassin Ervil LeBaron and circle of relatives, deranged cultist, prophets, and murderers Rock Theriault, overdue twentieth-century French Canadian self-proclaimed messiah. Further, Wilson features a learn about of others who accomplished non secular perception as an alternative of destruction, and demonstrates that mayhem and benevolence are continuously two facets of the similar coin.These would-be messiahs, in Wilson’s research, are all pushed via a infantile dream of absolute energy. Almost at all times, they go the road from inspiration to paranoia, and from the educating to killing-genuine aspiration blended with self-deception, says Wilson. This is an incisive assessment of the motives and insanity of cult leaders, non secular con males, and would-be saviors.
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