Sackcloth and ashes : the Bloomsbury Lent e-book 2014

Author(s): Widdecombe, Ann

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Overview: What is our trendy idea of penance? Is it giving up sweets for Lent or is it a long-lasting state of the attention of sin? Is it public or non-public? Is it punishment or better closeness to God? Is it all the time a reaction to private sin or can a person do penance for others’ sins, or for the arena? Ann Widdecombe appears at voluntary penance and its relation to repentance, at prescribed however now not enforced penance as a part of the sacrament of Absolution and, as an ex-Prisons Minister, on the function of penance as enforced by way of the State. Penance in artwork, penance in literature, penance in historical past, penance within the Bible are all tested in the most important and considerate meditation on the idea that of penance within the 21st Century.
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