Saint Germain by David Christopher lewis (.AZW3)

Saint Germain on Advanced Alchemy: HeartStreaming in the Aquarian Age by David Christopher lewis
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Overview: Saint Germain has been called the Wonderman of Europe, the Master Alchemist, the Avatar of Aquarius, and the God of Love to the Earth. In this seminal work, Saint Germain on Advanced Alchemy, he comes to initiate you into the deeper mysteries of divine truth.

This book is for those who would know the eternal flame of love and master the science of inner being to bring about a world of freedom, enlightenment, peace, and prosperity.

"The radiance of the heart is the alchemical key in all experiments of the spirit. When you fully realize the intensity of this flame, nothing shall be impossible unto you. Your life will take on a miraculous aura of peace and divine ecstasy which is almost indescribable. Your inner knowing and growth will be most tangible to you and also to those around you."-Saint Germain

Alchemy is the ancient science of spirit through which inner transformation takes place, the lead of our lower nature is transmuted into the gold of our true, divine Selfhood. In this inspired work, Saint Germain releases new formulas for our lives today that assist us in raising our consciousness and accelerating enlightened love through what he calls heartstreaming.
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