Savage Worlds by Ciara Graves

Savage Worlds by Ciara Graves (Savagery and Skills #3)
English | 2019 | Fantasy | ePUB | 227 KB

Fae. Vampires. Mages. Demons. A Federal Paranormal Unit. Savagery and Skills will hook you!
The penultimate book in the Savagery and Skills series!
Seneca Savage is so much more than a bad ass with skills. But learning of her heritage has put her on a path bound for hell.
Draven’s a vampire, the son of a former leader of a coven, he spent years in the torture dungeons of another vampire. Now, he’s out for revenge. And he’s fallen in love with the only fae vampire hybrid, a tortured soul who wavers between falling into the abyss of evil and landing on the side of good.