Scepter of Truth by DL Jones

Scepter of Truth by DL Jones
English | 2019 | Fantasy | ePUB | 515 KB

Tangie Newsham has trained for years to qualify for the military’s elite Nano-Soldier Unit. But her motivations run deeper than serving her country, because she’s looking for a killer in the ranks.
Fifteen years ago, her nanotech-scientist father died in a “lab accident” while working for the military. Tangie knows it was no accident, after her father discovered a secret continent hidden beneath the world that the government is determined to exploit. Now, she’s out for revenge.

But in the middle of a mission gone wrong, Tangie is shocked to find herself trapped in the land of her father’s discovery – a world of humans and not-quite-humans, fantastic and deadly beasts – where magic is real, and the nanotechnology her father created makes her a goddess.
Not only that, but the hidden realm is on the brink of war . and Tangie is soon caught between kingdoms and factions, desperate to learn who she can trust as she battles her way across this strange new land.
And then she discovers that her father may not be as dead as she thought.