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    Default SAT For Dummies 9th Edition Geraldine Woods

    Release name: SAT For Dummies - 9th Edition - Geraldine Woods
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    The easy way to prepare for the SAT
    The College Board has announced a redesign to the SAT in the spring of 2016. There's no doubt that students, parents, and educators are clamoring for a revised and authoritative resource on the latest iteration of this important standardized test. Packed with loads of concept review and practice questions that cover everything you can expect to encounter on the math, reading, and writing sections and complemented with one-year access to additional SAT practice online this 2016/2017edition of SAT For Dummies covers everything you need to increase your chances of scoring higher and getting into the college of your dreams.
    The SAT is administered annually to more than 2 million students at approximately 6,000 test centers located in more than 170 countries. Nearly every college in America accepts the SAT or SAT Subject Test as part of its admission process. Written by veteran For Dummies author and test preparation guru...



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