Sea People: The Puzzle of Polynesia through Christina Thompson

Sea People: The Puzzle of Polynesia through Christina Thompson
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Overview: A mix of Jared Diamond’s Guns, Germs, and Steel and Simon Winchester’s Pacific, an exhilarating highbrow detective tale that appears deep into the previous to discover who first settled the islands of the far flung Pacific, the place they got here from, how they were given there, and the way we all know.

For greater than a millennium, Polynesians have occupied the remotest islands within the Pacific Ocean, a limiteless triangle stretching from Hawaii to New Zealand to Easter Island. Until the coming of European explorers they have been the one folks to have ever lived there. Both probably the most carefully comparable and probably the most extensively dispersed folks on this planet prior to the generation of mass migration, Polynesians can hint their roots to a gaggle of epic voyagers who ventured out into the unknown in some of the biggest adventures in human historical past.

How did the earliest Polynesians to find and colonize those far-flung islands? How did a folks with out writing or steel equipment overcome the biggest ocean on this planet? This conundrum, which got here to be referred to as the Problem of Polynesian Origins, emerged within the eighteenth century as some of the nice geographical mysteries of mankind.

For Christina Thompson, this thriller is non-public: her Maori husband and their sons descend at once from those historical navigators. In Sea People, Thompson explores the interesting tale of those ancestors, in addition to the ones of the various sailors, linguists, archaeologists, folklorists, biologists, and geographers who’ve perplexed over this historical past for 300 years. A masterful mixture of historical past, geography, anthropology, and the science of navigation, Sea People combines the joys of exploration with the drama of discovery in a brilliant excursion of one of the fascinating areas on this planet.
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