Searching for the Best Medicine: The Life and Times of a Doctor…

Searching for the Best Medicine: The Life and Times of a Doctor and Patient
Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company
Date: 2013-09-10
ISBN-10: 9814425508
ISBN-13: 9789814425506
Language: English
Pages: 240
Added: 2015-04-27 14:20:18

This guide describes the existence and instances of a physician-scientist during the last half-century. Part One is concerning the writer’s combat with colon most cancers and the teachings he learnt from the revel in; Part Two is ready his existence rising up, the pretzel bakery, his circle of relatives, being skilled at Bronx Science, Columbia College, Harvard Medical School, and his scientific coaching on the Boston City Hospital and the NIH. Part Three, the foremost portion of the guide, describes the writer’s reviews as a working towards doctor and hematologist at Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center over 40 years. It additionally items his perspectives on what it takes to be a excellent physician and to follow excellent medication. Part Four is ready medication as of late, the disaster in hospital therapy and in acquiring reasonably priced medical insurance within the United States, and attainable answers to those issues. And in any case, it additionally describes the writer’s perspectives on how adjustments in America over the last few many years have reworked our society from that of the meritocracy as identified within the early days to that of the current society ruled through monetary issues. Readership: Educated folks and not using a particular scientific or clinical coaching in addition to those that do; individuals who learn the New York Times, school and scientific scholars, physicians, nurses, scientific group of workers in addition to people who find themselves simply in most cases inquisitive about medication.
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