Secrets of Practical Chess (New Enlarged Edition)

Secrets of Practical Chess (New Enlarged Edition)
Publisher: Gambit Publications
Date: 2007-04-30
ISBN-10: 1904600700
ISBN-13: 9781904600701
Language: English
Pages: 256
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What is the best way to improve your chess results? Memorizing an opening encyclopedia, learning endgame theory, solving puzzle positions … there must be an easier way. How about making the most of your existing talent?

In a new and enlarged edition of a highly popular work, John Nunn helps you to do precisely that. Drawing upon more than three decades of experience, he provides advice that will help players of all standards, playing styles and temperaments to achieve improved results. His methods take into account psychological factors and are firmly based on good common sense and the objectivity that has made John Nunn one of the world’s favourite writers on chess.

Topics include:
* Defending difficult positions
* How to study the openings
* How to make decisions
* Avoiding common mistakes
* When to calculate
* Coping with pressure
* Avoiding time-trouble
* Using chess books
* Making the most of computers
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