Serena Rose – The Dragon’s Reluctant Bride

Serena Rose – The Dragon’s Reluctant Bride
Narrated by: Kaylee West

When Rachel opened her hook-up app, she just wanted to get laid, but she ended up getting much, much more….

Dragon Shifter Kintaro was a wealthy playboy who just wanted easy sex. When he was matched with a cute girl named Rachel, it seemed like they would both get exactly what they wanted, and then they would never have to see each other again.

However, after the condom breaks and Rachel finds herself pregnant, everything changes.


Where Kintaro comes from, it is forbidden to impregnate a woman outside of marriage – with death being the punishment, for both of them.

Now, Rachel has no choice but to be a reluctant bride and marry a man she hardly knows, but this is soon going to be the least of her problems….