Service Oriented, Holonic And Multi-agent Manufacturing Systems …

Service Oriented, Holonic And Multi-agent Manufacturing Systems For Industry Of The Future: Proceedings Of Sohoma 2019 (studies In Computational Intelligence)

Thisproceedingsbook presents selected peer-reviewed papers fromthe 9th International Workshop onService Oriented, Holonic and Multi-agent Manufacturing Systems for the Industry of the Futureorganized by Universitat Politcnica de Valncia, Spain,and held on October 34, 2019. The SOHOMA 2019 Workshop aimed to foster innovation in the digital transformation of manufacturing and logistics by promoting new conceptsandmethods and solutions through service orientation in holonic and agent-based control with distributed intelligence. The book provides insights into the theme of the SOHOMA19 Workshop Smart anything everywhere the vertical and horizontal manufacturing integration, addressing Industry of the Future (IoF), a term used to describe the 4th industrial revolution initiated by a new generation of adaptive, fully connected, analytical and highly efficient robotized manufacturing systems. This global IoF model describes a new stage of manufacturing, that is fully automatized and uses advanced information, communication and control technologies such asindustrialIoT,cyber-physical production systems,cloud manufacturing, resource virtualization, product intelligence,and digitaltwin,edgeandfogcomputing. It presents the IoF interconnection of distributed manufacturing entities using a system-of-systems approach, discussing new types of highly interconnected and self-organizing production resources in the entire value chain and new types of intelligent decision-making support based on from real-time production data collected from resources, products and machine learning processing. Thisbook is intended for researchers and engineers working in the manufacturing value chain,andspecialists developing computer-based control and robotics solutions for the Industry of the Future.It is also a valuable resource for mastersand Ph.D. students in engineering sciencesprograms.

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