Sex Positions: Your Complete Guide by Sandra Simons (.AZW3)

Sex Positions: Your Complete Guide to Make Your Couple’s Sex Hot, Romantic & Exciting with Illustrated Photos (Sex Positions ) by Sandra Simons
Requirements: .ePUB, .AZW reader, 2.62MB | Retail 18+ Adults Only
Overview: Sex Positions will help both of you get in the mood even if you’re tired, help revive the passion and pleasure of your lovemaking, and will create totally new experiences for you both, so you will feel closer to your partner than ever before. Whether your love life’s a little boring and you want to bring back the fire, or you just want to make it even hotter, you’ll find everything you need right here, in this book.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Health, Fitness & Medical > Sexuality Self Help


Expose the best sex techniques that can work for you – even if you’re shy, married, virgin, or just curious. In Sex Positions, you’ll find:
1. A complete guide to keep your sex life interesting
2. The Best Positions for Male Orgasm
3. The Best Positions for Female Orgasm
4. How to get different types of orgasms
5. Oral sex Guide
6. Fun sex games
7. Romantic Sex Positions
8. Naughty Sex Positions
9. Bondage Sex Positions
10. Must-Try Sex Positions
11. Shocking secrets to make erections harder
12. Unique places to make love
13. Premature ejaculation solutions
14. Illustrated photos with detailed explanation
15. An important guide to make sex more intimate and meaningful
16. The biggest lovemaking mistakes, and how to avoid them

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