Shadow Commander: The Epic Story by Mike Guardia

Shadow Commander: The Epic Story of Donald D. Blackburn by Mike Guardia
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Overview: The fires on Bataan burned on the evening of April 9, 1942 illuminating the white flags of surrender against the nighttime sky. Woefully outnumbered, outgunned, and ill-equipped, battered remnants of the American-Philippine army surrendered to the forces of the Rising Sun. Yet amongst the chaos and devastation of the American defeat, Army Captain Donald D. Blackburn refused to lay down his arms.

With future SF legend Russell Volckmann, Blackburn escaped from Bataan and fled to the mountainous jungles of North Luzon, where they raised a private army of over 22,000 men against the Japanese. Once there, Blackburn organized a guerrilla regiment from among the native tribes in the Cagayan Valley. "Blackburn’s Headhunters," as they came to be known, devastated the Japanese 14th Army within the eastern provinces of North Luzon and destroyed the Japanese naval base at Aparri the largest enemy anchorage in the Philippines.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Biography > History > World War II

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