Shadows of Tokyo by Matthew Legare

Shadows of Tokyo by Matthew Legare English | 2018 | Historical Thriller | ePUB | 377 KB
Tokyo, December 1931.
As Japan expands its empire in China and unemployment ravages the economy, Police Inspector Kenji Aizawa receives an anonymous call about an imminent assassination of one of Japan’s leading statesmen. The secret informant is Reiko Watanabe, geisha mistress to the plot’s mastermind.
Reiko, headstrong and outspoken, prefers a “modern” life to being a geisha, and is horrified to learn that her lover, the American-educated descendant of samurai, Masaru Ryusaki, has become a fascist firebrand and is conspiring with his allies in the Imperial Army to overthrow the civilian government and establish a military dictatorship.
Torn between honor and duty, Reiko and Inspector Aizawa must forge an unlikely alliance in order to stay one step ahead of Ryusaki and a fanatical Army officer as they uncover a shadowy conspiracy reaching into the upper echelons of government, finance, and even around the Imperial Throne itself.
Set during the intersection of the Japanese invasion of Manchuria and the Great Depression, Shadows of Tokyo brings the turbulent and dangerous world of prewar Japan to vivid life.
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