Shame A Novel By Alan Russell [Audiobook]

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Caleb Parker has been on the run from his past ever since his father, a serial murderer known by the name of Shame, was electrocuted by the state of Florida. Wishing for nothing more than to start life anew and away from the dark shadows of his past, Caleb tries to distance himself from his father’s legacy by moving to California. But even when he’s far from his father’s killing grounds, the past catches up with Caleb when a new series of murders occurs – reminiscent of Shame’s brutal handiwork. Once more Caleb is thrust into the spotlight – only this time as the prime suspect.
With the police hungry to convict him, Caleb seeks help from true-crime author Elizabeth Line, the very writer who became renowned by first surviving his father’s terrible crimes, and then documenting them. Shame is a nail-biting tour de force that will leave listeners glued to their seats.

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