Shaolin Traditional Kungfu Series: Cannon Boxing Shaolin …

Shaolin Traditional Kungfu Series: Cannon Boxing Shaolin Kung Fu [chinese / English]Download

This dual language Chinese/English edition is beautifully designed. This series has an introductory calligraphic introduction by Yang Zhao Ting, the former president of the National Chinese WuShu Association. The writer of the series, Geng Jun, studied under SuXi, SuFa and Li ZhuanYuan. There are general notes and demonstrations of the Shaolin stances for the entire series. There’s also a nice short color section on students and Geng Jun’s activities. The side-by-side Chinese and English make this a very useful text with clear instructions. THIS BOOK shows the complete Cannon Fist (anciently known as Cannon Pounding: Pao Chui) form of Shaolin. This strong form is considered one of the "king of Boxing" routines and is a cornerstone of some Shaolin training. Form only.

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