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Share the Wealth by Michael Collins Piper

Share the Wealth: Huey Long vs. Wall Street by Michael Collins Piper
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Overview: There have been many books written about Huey Long. This little book is not designed to be a comprehensive overview of his life and work. Those interested in Huey’s life are referred to Huey Long by Professor T. Harry Williams. That Pulitzer Prize-winning volume is probably the best overall study of this remarkable character. Our intent here is to provide the reader a broad-brush study of Huey’s career, coupled with a selection of writings by and about Huey that help us understand this larger-than-life legend in his own time.

As far as Huey’s assassination is concerned-and we’ll address that in the closing pages of this work-suffice it to say that if the individual widely believed to be responsible for the crime had not killed Huey, it’s quite likely that another individual (acting alone or part of a broader conspiracy) would have tried to do it, sooner rather than later.

You see, precisely because of his outspoken populist nationalism and his opposition to the powerful interests of Wall Street and its corresponding allies in the Rothschild banking dynasty of Europe, Huey was indeed “The Man They Had to Kill.” It’s as simple as that.

If Huey P. Long had ever achieved the presidency, he would have been responsible for serious “reform”-in the classic sense of the word-that would have made America (and the world) a very different place today.

We are indebted to the quite informative website located at spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/ for the excellent and well-balanced summary of Huey’s career that is reproduced in this volume. This website is a treasure trove of information about politics and intrigue that is matched by few others.
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