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Shaving the Inside of Your Skull by Mel Ash

Shaving the Inside of Your Skull by Mel Ash
Requirements: .PDF reader, 20 MB
Overview: A guide to transcending belief systems that enslave the mind and spirit offers advice for breaking free of self-imposed limitations.
Zen monks traditionally shave their heads as a symbol of their renunciation of the world. But author Mel Ash points out that it’s not enough to shave the outside. Why not shave the inside as well? This is one wild and crazy book. Ash gives us "razors" to use that are really creative homework assignments to help us shave all the beliefs, isms, and self-limitations that hold us back. Topics for enlightenment include picking your nose in your car, tracing your tree of belief, and finding your secret name-and that’s just on one page!
Genre: Non-Fiction > Faith, Beliefs & Philosophy

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